McCreary Racing International         

Vista High Auto Shop

Students in the Vista High Automotive Technology classes have the opportunity to participate in a McCreary Racing sponsored race buggy project.  The race buggy project is an ongoing teaching tool used in the Vista High Auto Shop which inspires students to learn automotive technology for a practical purpose.  After the students finish a project on the race buggy, it is entered in races so the students are able to test their work in the most extreme off road racing conditions.


2011 San Diego County Fair


The Vista High Racing Club members co-pilot in the races and participate in race prep and even the race pits.  The students have already raced in local races in Plaster City, at the San Diego County Fair, as well as the most challenging off road race of all, the Baja 1000.  Meanwhile, the Vista High Racing Club continuously works to raise funds for necessary parts and race expenses.
2011 Vista High Race Club Booth at the SRD Show and Tell
They create booths and stands in venues to sell items for profit while also promoting the names of sponsors they have acquired for their projects.  Currently, funds and resources are needed for a transmission overhaul, as a result of a break in the students’ last race at the San Diego County Fair over the summer. 

Skip's World Record Holding Streamliner                                                   Will's 1932 Ford three window Coupe

Another way to support the learning experiences of the Vista High AutoShop is to bring your race, sports, or classic car to the shop so the students can analyze the creative features and applications of automotive technology. If you are interested in supporting the endeavors of the students in some way, please email or submit a request.


Woody (far right) and his Outlaw Corvette Drag car, the summer of 2008
auto shop students, and Mr. M.
Thank you for your support!